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Dermatologists’ Summer Skin Secrets


Dermatologists' Summer Skin SecretsToday we are going to shares some tips that some famous and expert dermatologists shared with you to have a perfect look, we can trust these tips because they literally learn it from books and they know the best.Dermatologists' Summer Skin Secrets1

If you are getting ready for beach vacation that you are going to enjoy in a month time then start using sunscreen on your whole washed and cleaned body every night for two to three weeks prior to the vocation and then sunscreen builds up in your stratum corneum and will help you during the vocations.Dermatologists' Summer Skin Secrets2

No matter what kind of skin you have, when you are getting ready for summer you need to look for ‘oil-free’ products, even if you have dry and damaged skin tone you need to try aqua based things instead of oil based, water based things will provide you some moisturizer, but will help your skin breath freshly without any blockage which will help you getting acne and pimple free skin.

When you are getting ready for summer you need to simplify your skincare routine, you should maintain a 5 steps routine and try to minimize the use of cosmetics during the summer, and if you want to get a perfect look then you can try mineral bronze and that is more than enough after your sunblock and plain lip balm/lip-gloss.

If you think that your sunscreens look white or ashy on your dark skin then you need to see the ingredients and if you are getting that issue due to Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide then you can try Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 55 and that is good for your skin tone and look good and perfect too.

If you are planning to stay whole day out door then you need to take two sets of cloth and I would recommend you to take a bath and reapply the sunblock all over the body and it is better if you stay moisturized and covered during the day and be safe, never ever get in sleep while you are in sunshine cause you would literally get burned due to this, but if you got third degree burn then it is better to get in hospital rather than applying some home remedies.

Drink lots of water and eat healthy food and stay safe and hydrated.