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DIY Home Remedies for Deal With Itchy Scalp

Deal With Itchy Scalp

If you are getting some serious itchiness in your head then the first thing that you need to do is get some medical help, make an appointment with your doc immediately and then if he says that there is nothing serious or nothing medical issue then you have dandruff and we are here to deal with, and to make sure you just need to see if you get white flakes falling over the shoulder, if your hair get dry and look damaged and when you scratch your scalp you get something white in your nails? That is dandruff and you need to some help.With monsoon come many skin and beauty ailments including itchy scalp.

Deal With Itchy Scalp

First and foremost you need to understand that itchy scalp is caused due to unclean/unhygienic maintenance of hair and that show you are not taking care of your health and your hair so you need to start with washing your hair every other day, but make sure you are not using any antidandruff shampoo, they are not for you, I am not saying that they are not good, I am just saying that they are not for you, you know what I mean though, use the mildest shampoo you know and if you don’t know any good shampoo then use baby no tear shampoo am they are best.

Deal With Itchy Scalp

Stop using chemical, hair dyes, and any other chemical that can harm your hair and scalp and that will help your itchy scalp too, and you need to understand  that if you are getting itchy in your skin then your skin need moistures so use all those mask that has moistures in them, you can use any essential oils for that, but the best one is olive oil, mustard oil and almond oil and if you mix yogurt with this then this is the best mask for your hair.

Itchy Scalp Hair Loss

Never use worm water to clean your hair, that will wash your natural oils too and always apply some hair massage with any essential oil prior to hair wash, and if you really want to have marvelous hair and healthy scalp then try to apply yogurt and mustard before every hair wash

Drink lots of water and maintain a healthy and balanced diet.