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Dark Neck Home Remedies & Home Remedies For Beautiful Neck


Nicole Kidman has always been my all time favorite actress no matter what, I literally grow up seeing her beautiful face an I think she is beautiful and she is perfect, but then I saw her last month and she had few very deep winkles around her neck and I was so broken, I was shattered, and I thought why did not she looked after herself, Dark Neck Home Remedies,I know that she is 47 years old and that is a big number for a woman but was she too busy doing her movies that she actually forgot herself? And that day I decided that I will look after myself and I will not look 47 years old when I will be 47 years old L and here are some tips to keep things on the place for neck.

Dark Neck Home RemediesDark neck home remedies,Home Remedies For Beautiful Neck

Here are few things that you need to do during your day to day life to get beautiful neck for everHome Remedies For Fair Neck,Dark neck home remedies

1-First thing first, pay attention on the skin of your neck, if you are applying something on your face then let it go over your neck, no matter if it is lotions, creams, moisturizer or mask, your skin around your neck does need your attention.

2-Apply a thick coat of petroleum jelly or Vaseline over your neck and rub it from roots toward your chin for good 2 minutes and then wrap a soft cotton cloth around your neck and let it on your neck during the night and then take a bath with worm water and scrub your neck with loofah.

3-Make a mixture of brown sugar, lime juice and some honey and scrub your face, your shoulders and your neck too, but don’t be too harsh, skin around your neck is more delicate than your face.

4-Make a mixture of Aloe Vera, olive oil and honey and apply it over your whole face neck 4 times a week for 20 minutes and then wash it off with worm water and muslin cloth.

5-If you see dark scars and vertical marks around your neck then this is time to add more efforts, make a smooth paste with yogurt and turmeric powder and apply it all around your neck and let it get dry and then scrub it off and take a shower with worm water,Neck is one of the most neglected and the most ignored parts of our body even though it is one of those things that start showing your.

6-Use sunscreen, moisturizer, scrubbers, and skin tones and include your neck in your face cleaning regime.

7-Eat healthy and drink lots of water.

Dark Neck Home RemediesHome Remedies For Beautiful Neck,Beauty Secrets and Health Tips Save your neck,Home Remedies For Beautiful Neck