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Cystic Acne Treatment


Cystic acne is the most severe and most irritating form of acne that features inflammation and severe pain. The chief reason behind the occurrence of Cystic acne is the untreated nodule acne. When the nodule acne is not treated properly, acne nodules become enlarged.

The further and persistent enlargement of the nodules results in inflammation and possible bursting of the lesions under the surface of the skin. When the lesions burst-up the fluids present in the nodules ooze into the nearby skin thus further aggravates the inflammation.

Majority of the people who suffer from this severest form of acne usually develop the other types of acne including blackheads, pustules and whiteheads as well. Cystic acne develops in the same way as the acnes; however, it is somewhat hard to treat.

Seome useful Cystic acne treatments are as follows


Accutane or isotetrinoin is a prescribed acne medication that is recommended when all other treatments fail to heal the skin condition. Accutane is actually a type of vitamin A that inhibits the action of oil glands on the skin surface which in turn prevents the sebum production to cure acne. Although it is recognized as an efficient remedy for cystic acne, accutane has serious side-effects as well; pregnant women are strictly advised to avoid using accutane.


Topical and oral antibiotic medications such as erythromycin and tetracycline are also beneficial for treating cystic acne. These medicines destroy the acne causing bacteria and also help in reducing swelling. However, these drugs can’t prevent the acne to reoccur. Some side-effects associated with these antibiotics include skin irritation, yeast infection and stomach upset.


The steroid cortisone too, effectively treats cystic acne. The function of this naturally occurring steroid in the body is to counteract swelling and speed up the curative process. It’s injected directly into the cyst and acts by minimizing the size of the lesions.

Birth control pills

One of the many causes of cystic acne in women is production of excess estrogen due to the hormonal changes. This sometimes results in acne development. Hence, birth control pills can prove helpful in maintaining hormonal balance thus preventing and treating acne.

Surgical and self treatments are among other cystic acne treatments.