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Crows Feet Prevention Tips


Why Eye Skin is Prone to Wrinkling – The skin around and under the eyes is the most delicate and sensitive skin of the human body. The skin layer in these areas is thinner and at times it proves problematic for many early on. To take proper care of this sensitive and delicate skin, few basic steps should be taken every day and night.

Remove Makeup Gently Around Eyes

As we know the skin of eye area happens to be very delicate, it deserves and demands very gentle treatment when it comes to remove eye makeup. A mild cleanser should be utilized to take away cosmetics applied in this sensitive spot.
Many over-the-counter (OTC) products that are especially designed to remove makeup around the eyes are best options because they are gentle enough to be used under and around the subtle eye area. Witch hazel, a 100% organic ingredient, is a natural cleanser and is best choice for removing eye makeup as it tends to cleanse without wreaking havoc on the skin.

Everyday Fine Line Prevention Tips

Regular application of an eye gel or a quality moisturizer twice a day, once in the morning just after you get up and once in night before going to bed, is an effective way to prevent occurrence of fine lines. With the advancing age, skin loses its elasticity and in turn loses the soft and supple glance it had before.
However, keeping the skin well hydrated and moisturized may help maintaining its suppleness for long. Look for a moisturizer with SPF, it will protect the skin under and around your eyes from damaging rays emitted by the sun thus prevent premature aging and wrinkle formation.

Reducing Under Eye Puffiness

At times the toxins build up in the lymph nodes present under eyes lead to the puffy and swollen eyes. An effective way to eliminate the swelling is application of a cool mask around and under the eyes. The toxins present in the lymph system may also be released by massaging the affected area with the third finger of both the hands. Application of a chilly eye cream may also help in eradicating irritation and soothing the enflamed sensation.

Use a Skin Renewing Beauty Product

The ideal way to fight against the mild lines and wrinkle is using a product with glycolic acid, also referred as alpha hydroxy acid or AHA. AHA containing cosmetics assist the eradication of your fine lines and under eye wrinkles. Some over the counter medications also offer relief from wrinkles and soft lines.