Cosmetics That Are Bad For Your Skin

There are millions of things that can harm your skin and your body too and there are millions of things that can actually leave a permanent damage to your skin and today we are going to share what are those cosmetics that are bad for your skin, in fact I seriously think that if you are applying something, anything on your skin on regular basis, I am talking about cosmetics here, that will be bad, if you have pimples or scares, then you need to treat them rather than hiding them with tones of foundation and if you want to look beautiful  in your day to day life then use natural looks and work on that rather than applying makeup and keep that special look for some special occasions.

Cosmetics That Are Bad For Your Skin Cosmetics That Are Bad For Your Skin 1

Here are some cosmetics that are bad for you.

Lipstick is something that has harsh shades and harsh ingredients to make it look subtle and keep it look fresh and pleasant and if you seriously thing that it is good then let me ask you that don’t you think it make your lips dry and damaged the top upper layer , Lipstick dries the moisture out your lips; whereas, lip balms are better and if you are using some good lip gloss then they are very good for your lips cause they will keep your lops moisturized and beautiful  and at the same time it will add some shades on your face too, so try not to use lipsticks too often and if you really have to apply some lip balm or transparent lips cover so you can keep your lips safe from the harsh and unhealthy elements of lipsticks.Cosmetics That Are Bad For Your Skin 2

Moisturizers is good if you know how to use it, if you are using a oily moisturizer in day time while you are going out then it is bad cause it will literally invite all of the germs, dust, sun damages, pollution and all of the bad things that you have in the air all around you, if you are using moisturizers and creams that contain mineral oil and paraffin then you need to be aware that it have been clinically proven that such kind of things actually damage the skin barrier and increase moisture loss from the skin and its bad, so be careful.Know Your Skin Type

Kajal and Surma are traditional Indian cosmetic preparations used to makeup beautiful eyes, and they have been using it for ages, but now it has been shown then they are actually really very bad for beautiful skin, for example, development of chemical, toxic and infective conjunctivitis, uveitis, glaucoma, dry eye and conjunctiva discoloration and the list goes on and on and on so be careful next time when you think that you should apply it in your eyes to get beautiful  eye, rather than that you can try some simple eye liners and some panicles since they are not as bad as the kajal and surma is.Cosmetics That Are Bad For Your Skin

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