Contouring Cheekbones Highlight & Accentuate Your Cheeks with Makeup

Contouring Cheekbones Highlight & Accentuate Your Cheeks with Makeup
Contouring Cheekbones Highlight & Accentuate Your Cheeks with Makeup

Some people are blessed with nicely shaped and structured cheeks naturally; however, case is not always the same. If you aren’t satisfied with your cheekbones, no need to worry since makeup is the best way to turn your minuses to pluses. A tactical sweep of blusher can shape your face and make your cheek pop, providing you with desirable bone structure in just a few sweeps of a brush.

How To Highlight Cheek Bones

The cheekbone or zygomatic is one of human facial bones that define the shape and structure of your face. If you are blessed with great cheekbones by birth and you want to know the perfect way of highlighting your cheeks, you may achieve a stunning look by resorting to great products like the Clinique Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator or brands like Lancome. Following the foundation application, dot illuminator on your upper cheekbone area and blend it well.

If you crave something extra than simply highlighting the cheeks, use the below given tips to contour and define your cheeks with makeup.

Creating More Prominent Cheekbones

If are not satisfied with the natural structure and shape of your cheekbones and want to have sharp or full cheek, don’t worry! If you know one or two basic techniques, you can create the desires look easily.

Step 1 – First of all, apply the foundation and follow it up with powder, to level out the skin tone and conceal any skin imperfection.

Step 2 – Next, take your bronzer. The bronzer in a color just slightly darker than your natural skin color is ideal for you. If you do not like bronzers, you can choose to use neutral or shimmery nude shaded blush in place of it.

Step 3 – Bring out your cheekbones by smiling and apply bronzer or blush to them. Begin low and work your way up towards your temples. A large round makeup is perfect for accomplishing the task of perfect blush or bronzer application.

Extra Finishing Touches to Bring Out Cheekbones
Highlighting – After you have achieved the look you were trying to achieve, emphasize the cheeks even more by using a powdery highlighter. Pick off a glittery nude color for this task and just apply on the most high up area of your cheeks and outside the corner of your eyes.

Blending – Finally, blend the bronzer/blush well to giving it a more natural appearance.