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Conceal Under-Eye Circles With Makeup

Makeup tricks get rid dark of circles

Makeup tricks get rid dark of circlesI love eye makeup, I naturally have brown yellow eye and I love to make them even prettier and for that I always use lighter than my skin tone foundation or concealer around my eyes and then blend it with my base, I cannot stand with dark circles around my eyes and I pay attention on that, I take care of my eyes with home remedies and I keep them protected with sunglasses too and still if by any chance you get circles you can use foundation or concealer to hid them and that is what we are going to talk about today.

How To Cover Up Dark CirclesConceal Under-Eye Circles With Makeup

First of all you need to start with clean and slightly moist face and apply moisturizer all around your face and then apply foundation or concealer and blend well,  I would say you should use double shade foundation or concealer technique if you have dark circle around your eyes, use lighter shade around your eyes, the skin on your under eye area is thin & delicate, so eye cream will act as a protective layer the concealer can adhere to, and I would say give your skin some time and let it absorb some moisturizer too and then use your ring finger and tab gently all around your eye and it will make it absorb all the moisturizer and create a protective layer.How to apply eye makeup

We will start with concealer, matching to your skin tone and use a thin liner brush to apply concealer in the hollow and then use dot under the eye bags, inner corner & the outer corner between top & bottom lash lines and then we will blend, you can use blenders or any brush you like, I am using my finger to rub it all around my eyes, if you are using the sponger to blend it then you should take a slightly wet sponge and blend well and apply a bit on your lids too to get a original skin tone and keep blending till you get a fine smooth look, now take some loose powder with a fluffy brush or any blender that you were using to blend your foundation or concealer and then dab it on top of the concealer, don’t take too much powder cause that will sabotage the finish of foundation or concealer and apply it all over the lid and keep blending till it get set, brush off if you see any excess amount of power over your lid and use slightly shiny and shimmery highlighter all over the lid and under the lid too and use some silver eye shadow on the inner corner of your eye and with some Kajal and mascara you are ready to go.