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Common Beauty Problems And Their Solutions


Solutions to common beauty problemsI am sharing some solution of some very common, but still important beauty issues, and I normally use home remedies or homemade natural things and that is what I am suing today, home remedies and natural things.Five Common Beauty Problems and Their Solutions

Yellowish Teeth: This is not something new or unseal, with such kind of life when coffee, tea, colas and all kind of unhealthy drink and foods have became the main source of energy of our life and when we using all kind of jellies, sweet candies and toffees as a sweetener of the day, and if you are dealing with yellow teeth then you just need to change your lifestyle.

Solution: you need to brush your teeth twice a day with salt and then with your tooth paste, use baking soda to scrub your teeth twice a week and use olive oil and lime or tomato to scrub your teeth once a week and eat lots of healthy food including carrots, apples and celery and try to reduce your unhealthy drinks intake.

Greasy Hair: – Normally oily skin comes with oily hair and sometime it occurs due to hormonal changes or when there are changes in the weather conditions, heat or unhealthy food not only activate skin oil glands, but it can actually make your skin and scalp too oily to become a issue and you can get hold of it with eating healthy, you can use healthy steamed cooked food and you should use lots of water.

Solution: if you seriously want to get rid of that oily skin can scalp issue then stop eating fried and unhealthy baked and greasy food, and you need to drink lots of water to keep your skin and your body system running and active, use lime and honey mask to your hair and lime and salt to your skin to deal with oily skins.

Open Pores: This is not actually a problem; it is a sign of problem, open pores come with oily and sticky greasy skin, when your skin starts to produce excessive oil and when the sebaceous glands get active and start to secrete more and this not only lead to open pores and pimple, but this is a main reason of acne and blemishes.

Solution: If you are dealing with open pores and oily skin, then you need to deal with oily skin first and you need to wash your face with mild face wash three times a day and apply clay mask on your face to get smooth skin and use lime and hone alternative day to get rid of open pores.

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