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Colorful Spring Eye makeup Tutorial & The Best Makeup Trends


Today I am going to try something very cute and I am pretty excited about that look cause whenever I try that look I feel like I literally put spring on my eye lids and I love the way it feels with my wheat completion, and if you are super fair then I bet you would love that look too, or you can change the shade of pink according to your complexion cause I know that there is a shade of pink for every skin tone, you just need to pick that.

Eye makeup TutorialSpring Smokey Eye, Purple & Bronze Makeup Tutorial

We will start with washing the face and then apply some moisturizer and serum and then we will apply the foundation or concealer and blend it well and I am using a yellow concealer around my eyes to keep it even and then I am using BB cream on my face and blend it well to get best coverage, and it make you look very flawless and very beautiful too.Spring Eye Makeup Tutorial

Now we will fix the thinnest of eye brows with dark brown eye shadow or any soft black eye shadow and then we will take pearly silver eye shadow and apply all over the eye lid till under your eyebrow bone, you don’t have to apply it all over the lid though, now you need to take an orange-beige eye shadow and apply above the crease, but don’t mix it with silver color layer that we applied over the upper crease, now you need to rub both of the shades and blend the both shades to finish the sharp edges and that will create a nice glow beneath your eye brow bone and it would create a natural tone too,Eye makeup Tutorial.Spring Eye Makeup Tutorial1

Now we will start with pink and I bet you would have picked the pick according to your own skin tone by now, I am taking pearly pink eye shadow and then apply just on the 2/3rds of the upper eyelid and then we will take a matte orange-beige shade and will apply that one the reaming outer 1/3rd of the eyelid and then we will blend it well with the finger and I am going to blend it with pink eye shadow too and then we will take plain orange-beige on a flat brush and apply on the crease line to create the depth in the eyes.Colorful Spring Makeup Tutorial Spring Eye Makeup Tutorial2

Now we will add the magical touch in the look, we will add wing with plain eye liner or plain eye pencil, but I am using light brown color and we will keep the line till the innermost corner and finish the look with mascara, but as I love Kajal, so I am using it too, but it is up to you.