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Color-Correcting Makeup Tips

Color-Correcting Makeup Tips
Color-Correcting Makeup Tips
Color-Correcting Makeup Tips
Color-Correcting Makeup Tips

Color-correcting concealers and primers are of different colors that serve different purposes. They efficiently camouflage any skin imperfections including under eye dark circles, blemishes and freckles. In addition, these are ideal tools for evening out your complexion.

Color-Correcting Makeup Tips

Choosing Right Color-Correcting Cosmetics

Color-correcting primers are available in five basic tones and each performs its specific beauty function. Learn when and why to use them.

Orange Corrector

Orange corrector effectively even out cool skin tones. It isn’t necessary to choose only bright carrot colored corrector, as it is available in milder orange-y shades such as tangerine, apricot or mellow ones as well. One can use it to hide hyperpigmentation, age spots plus dark under-eye circles. Moreover, it is arguably the best treatment to conceal bluish-greenish veins and unsolicited tattoos.

Yellow Corrector

Yellow primer/corrector is significantly known for its complexion brightening properties. It tends to give you an instant glow and is just right for hiding pink colored blemishes.

Pink Corrector

Pink deserves to be recognized as a universal corrector shade. You can use it on eyes, lips and cheeks and has the prepotency to revitalize dull complexion greatly. Moreover, it is ideal for softening up olive tones. Furthermore, application of a little amount of pink corrector to the inner and outer corners of the eyes can add spark to your look.

Blue/Purple Corrector

Blue corrector shades are matchless if you would like to make your olive skin tone brighter. Therewith bluish correctors help neutralizing yellow based blemishes and balance self-tanners streaks.

Green Corrector

Green is perfect corrector color for neutralizing extreme redness. It conceals any “red disaster” whether it is red spots, rosaceous, ruddiness, scars or pimples.

The right way to apply a makeup corrector is to apply a little amount of any chosen corrector and blend it meticulously.