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Cocoa Butter Lotion Benefits


Cocoa butter is the safe-to-eat vegetable fat extort from cacao beans. It is pale-yellowish in color. It gives off a light chocolaty flavor and aroma therefore is used in manufacturing chocolate, biscuits, medicines, ointments and toiletries like moistening lotions and creams, soaps etc. It has natural emollient properties and antioxidants because of which it is widely used in many skin and beauty care products.

Some benefits of cocoa butter lotions are described below

Cocoa Butter Lotion Benefits

Fades Scars

Cocoa butter lotions and creams are suggested by many skin and beauty experts as a remedy for diminishing blemishes and spots. It also helps in fading stretched marks most women acquire during pregnancy.

Intensive Moisturizer

Cocoa butter is a natural moisturizing agent with outstanding hydrating effects. It has high fat content and is one of the stable fats known yet. However, it melts down at human body temperature therefore get absorbed in the skin quickly. Because of its high fat substance, coco butter bolts moisture in the skin and also minimizes its loss via skin surface.

Best Skin Insurance

It soothes the skin irritations such as eczema and psoriasis. Skin irritation and allergic reactions are usually caused by Immuno Globulin (IgE). A compound that is naturally available in cocoa butter, Cocoa Mass Polyphenol, stops the formation of IgE thus prevents and cures irritation and allergy. The recent studies have revealed that cocoa butter also plays role in preventing skin cancer.

Pacify the Senses

The chocolaty fragrance of coco butter makes it an ideal medium of aromatherapy massage. While doing massage, masseur’s strokes calms down your muscles, the lotion feeds the skin and palatable aroma of cocoa butter makes love to your smelling sense.