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Clever Ways to Cover Up the Scars


Though there are several tips and techniques to hide a scar, but most women don’t know all these tricks. If you are among those you are making effort to cover up a scar but can’t understand how then this article is for you as it addresses a few efficient ways to cover up scar. Check out these tricks and utilize them if you think they can work for you………

Minimize Sun Exposure

One common noteworthy thing about scars and blemishes is that they can aggravate due to over exposure to the sun. So, if you are in a quest of an effective way to disguise the scars, minimize the sun exposure as much as possible. You will notice remarkable improvement in your skin condition this way.

Scar Minimizing Products

Many different products are there that are devised especially to make the scars wear off faster. One such scar minimizing product is Mederma that disguises and removes the scars all together.

Specialized Scar-Covering Makeup

Another way great to conceal the scars adequately is utilizing special scar-covering makeup. Many different brands offer you such makeup; all you need to do is to get the one that can really work for you without being too heavy.

Dust a Little Powder over Scar

If your scars are light, addition of a bit powder may do the trick. You simply need to dust a little powder over the scar and you are okay. However, this scar-covering trick is applicable only for face scars as you would not long to powder your whole body!


Concealer is a fantastic makeup product that gives the illusion of clear skin by concealing all skin flaws that tend to make you self-conscious. It is works great to cover-up the facial scars.

Use Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil is also known to be helpful in fading the scar marks if you use it on regular basis. However, it needs to be used sparingly as it tends to clog the pores if applied on face during daytime. So, if you want using it to fade face scars, use it at night.