Choosing Face Mositurizer for Your Face Beauty Look

Choosing Face Mositurizer for Your Face Beauty Look
Choosing Face Mositurizer for Your Face Beauty Look

Picking the right beauty or skincare product is not as much simple and easy as it sounds. Many things are to be taken under consideration while buying any product. Same is the case with moisturizer; your skin type, season, and cost of the product you are looking at are the factors that should be given proper consideration while picking up any moisturizer for your skin.

Explore Your Skin Type First

A skin with shiny look and pale color is described as oily skin. Those with unremittingly oily skin have large skin pores and are more prone to breakouts. Various factors contribute to the oily skin including genetics, diet, hormonal imbalance and weather. Natural oils for instance Olive oil are essentially good for this skin type, they help wear away the body’s oil and supplant it with good oil.

Dry skin has taut, dull and dreary appearance. Those with dry skin usually complain a tight and itchy feeling and their skin flakes or chaps and cracks easily. The underlying causes of dry skin are almost the same as oily skin.

Combination skin has the features of both oily and dry skin. Those having combination skin has oily T zone area while rest of their facial skin happens to be dry. The dry skin zone of the face is prone to flaking or chapping.

The texture of sensitive skin happens to be very thin and fine. It is highly susceptible to allergies to many products including cosmetics, detergents and alcohol, which is the main component of many skincare products. Sensitive skin can get sunburned and wind burned easily.

Top 5 Things to Look for In a Moisturizer Cream

Bring in one with SPF: Most dermatologists and skin experts advise to use a moisturizer with sun screen. SPF will protect your skin from the harmful effects of devastating rays emitted by the sun.

Match it with Your Skin Type: Pick the one that is formulated especially for your skin type. All moisturizers don’t have same characteristics, so pick the moisturizers that can meet the needs of your specific skin type efficiently.

Look for Antioxidant Ingredients: Try to find moisturizers containing antioxidant constituents. These ingredients help minimizing the occurrence and visibility of age lines and wrinkles by destroying the free radicals that damage the skin.

Be Cautious with Fragrances: If your skin is sensitive or ultra sensitive, go for odor free and hypoallergenic moisturizers.
Look for Alpha Hydroxy Ingredients: Moisturizers with alpha hydroxyls acid help purging dead skin cells and promoting the growth of new ones while moisturizing the skin.