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Choosing a Lipstick Color


Lipsticks that are long-lasting, rightly colored and made from the constituents that can enhance the health of your lips along with enhancing your look, are considered best lipsticks. However, knowing that what lipstick shade can work well with your natural complexion is the key to achieve the best lip looks. Use the below given lips tips and enjoy your glamorous makeup look and smooth and soft lips.

Basic Lip Care: Smooth Lips Help Lipstick Look Better

The lipstick will go haphazardly and disappear if your lips are dry or chapped. Small lines around the mouth can ambush color and thus cause lipstick to “bleed.” Hence, first create a smooth base for lip color by treating them with a lip balm. More soft and smooth your lips are, more perfect the lip color will look and feel.

Choosing Lip Color: What Tone is Right for Your Skin?

Picking off the right lipstick color is somewhat challenging. Some ladies contrast the lipstick appropriate to their wardrobe—a big no-no, because lipstick should complement your skin tones!

However, if you know a simple fact that whether your skin tone is “warm” or “cool,” the task of choosing the right lipstick color becomes easy.

How to Find Your Skin’s Cool or Warm Undertone

If you are not sure what your actual skin tone is, you can discover it easily using two shades of any makeup- eyeshadow, blush or lipstick. One shade ought to be pink or lavender and the other should be orange or rust. Apply one color over one of your cheeks and the other on the other cheek and compare. See which color works well with your complexion; if it is orange that works, you have warm skin tones; and you are cool if the pink color looks right.

Once you have discovered your skin tones, you are now free to opt for any lip color belongs to that color family. Wide range of shades is there you can choose from! Look at this list of possible lip colors for either coloring:

Warm Colors

Those having warm skin tones may choose from coral, russet, peachy, rust, brown, amber, brick red, salmon, melon, orange, red with yellow undertone, sandalwood and taupe.

Cool Colors

Pink, cherry, raspberry, lavender, mulberry, plum, strawberry, rose, crimson, lilac, red with blue undertone, amethyst and mauve are great options for those with cool skin tones.