Choosing a Fragrance A challenge for everyone

Choosing a Fragrance A challenge for everyone
Choosing a Fragrance A challenge for everyone

Choosing a Fragrance can really be a challenge for everyone in these days as perfumes have become more than just smells, they have assumed an identity of their own and mostly people prefer one that best describes them. There are various varieties of perfumes that are available in the market. These can range from floral, fruity, fresh, energetic perfumes, oriental perfumes that are really exotic and woody fragrances.

How to choose a fragrance

The first step while choosing a Fragrance is to decide the budget. If your budget allows you, the branded perfumes are a very good option, as they are available in a wide variety of fragrances.

There are some fragrances which have been specifically designed for specific times of the day. Decide whether you are looking for something to wear during the day or for evenings. People usually prefer lighter scents for daytime and more intense for evening.

When you have decided the time and time of wearing the perfume, the next step of choosing a fragrance is to try the perfumes. Every perfume has a description of its own and you must not rely on this description. It is important that the perfumes be tried.

A fragrance will smell different several minutes after you apply it, so give it some time. Don’t hurry into buying any perfume.
Some perfumes have allergic reactions, to avoid that, apply a small amount on your wrist, the inner elbow or the back of your hand or arm. Wait for about an hour.

If you are choosing a fragrance for daily wear, only then buy the larger bottles, otherwise you can buy 2-3 small bottles of perfume to wear on special occasions.