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Causes of Mascara Allergy and Preventation

Causes of Mascara Allergy and Preventation

Causes of Mascara Allergy and PreventationEvery teenage girl has a dream to look picture of beauty. That’s why the young females try different techniques to get a beautiful and charming personality. Use of makeup products is very common, any girl cannot even think to go somewhere without wearing makeup.

While applying makeup almost all females focus their eyes because beautiful and attractive eyes impart a positive impact to your personality. Properly applied eyes makeup gives you a fresh and active appearance.

Despite all the beauty benefits of makeup products, you should never forget that everything has negative affects along with the positives. This fact proves true when it comes to talk about cosmetic products.

Several skin related issues appear down to cosmetic products like foundation, moisturizer, lipstick and eye shadow etc. Few people have allergy to mascara, their eyes get swellings when mascara has been applied on them. Let’s find out the causes of mascara allergy.

Causes of Mascara Allergy
Following are major reasons of mascara allergy:

  1. The females with sensitive skin may have higher chances to get allergy by mascara.
  2. Like other types of beauty products, mascara may also contain ingredients which are not suitable for your skin.
  3. Preservatives included in mascara can disturb your skin and eyelashes.

How to Prevent Mascara Allergy

  • When you notice that your eyes get infection after the application of mascara on your eyelashes, don’t use that mascara again.
  • While picking out a mascara, look for a branded and good quality product. Don’t forget to check the expiry date of mascara before purchasing it.
  • To avoid the possible infections, change your mascara after every three months.
  • Choosing an herbal mascara would be a great decision because it is made up of natural ingredients which are 100% safe for your eyes and skin.
  • Don’t share your mascara with your friends to prevent the probable bacterial infections.
  • Try to find out the ingredient in mascara that causes the allergy. While purchasing new mascara make sure that it doesn’t have such constituent.