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Casual Collection 2012 for Women by Beelaseef


Beelaseef just unveiled its casual collection for women. The new 2012 Beelaseef random collection consists of printed and embroidered shirt, styled by fashion today. Shirts in a random collection Beelaseef 2012 seem very practical and comfortable for summer.

Beelaseef started in 1975. It is owned by the MC dealers who are a wholesaler of silk in Gujranwala. Beelaseef is attempting to enter the retail market for the company. It provides a wide range of clothing, fashion, bridal, Pret, formal and casual wear. Beelaseef also provides many designs to choose from. It provides fashionable clothes for men and women.

Moreover, Beelaseef is considered synonymous with luxurious and elegant clothes. The brand aims to provide clothes that are comfortable and stylish. Clothing brand is liked by the audience, also participated in Islamabad Fashion Week. “Brand Manager Beelaseef is Asad Tauseef and designer Namra Tauseef.

Now let’s have a quick look at new cases Beelaseef 2012 collection for women. The images of the shirts can be seen below