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Caring For The Feet – Tips For The Busy Woman


Foot Care Tips For Busy WomanI have seen so many woman in markets, offices or hotels and resultants who look perfect with perfect face, body, hands and dress, but they always try to hide their feet with socks or full boats type shoes, but when you by chance see their feet, you get shocked cause they look completely different from their personality and the reason is taking them for granted, where as it is not too hard to get beautiful feet with very small care and help, today I am sharing some simple ways to get beautiful and healthy feet with very small steps.

Foot Care Tips For Busy WomanBeautiful Feet Care Tips

Morning Routine: – Foot care is the most ignored beauty regimen and I can bet that most of the women would agree with me, but you can stop doing that and start with very small things, spend Sunday or Saturday taking intensive care of your feet, like give them proper pedicure and that will make it easy to keep them beautiful and healthy during the weekdays, just get up and apply some sort of petroleum jelly or Vaseline on your feet on the bed an rub it a bit and then take a shower and let water run on your feet and then sit down on the edge of the tub and brush your feet with soft bristles brush and any bathing sop and then use lava stone to rub dead skin from your heel and then take a worm shower, then tab dry your feet with cotton towel and apply some foot cream, no matter if you are using boots of open shoes, you need to apply some sort of cream on your feet, if you are using open shoes then don’t forget to use sunscreen too.

Foot Care Tips For Nightly RoutineNightly Routine: – When you get home, before starting your evening chores, give a minutes to your feet, take a mixture of olive oil and glycerin an rub your feet with that and wear some sort of thick cotton soaks and wear comfortable shoes and now you can finish your work and then take a bath and rub your foot with shower gel and loofah and lava stone, try to clean your nails thoroughly, clean nail polish and rub some olive oil on your nails too, and apply a mixture of glycerin, lemon juice and rose water on your feet, if you see some sort of crakes on your nail then apply garlic juice on your nails and let it get dry before wearing sacks and it will make your nails look smooth and naturally clean and pick and I can tell you, you would not apply anything on your nails then.

I hope you would do that since it is not too much hard and you can follow that simple routine and if you feel too lazy on Sunday to give yourself a pampering then you can get a pro help too.

Happy feet, happy walking