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Care for Your Contact Lenses


Wearing contact lenses is a sign of flair but it can be a restriction for those who have a medical eye concern but are sick of wearing eyeglasses. No doubt, lenses can make look and feel better, especially when you don’t want you eyes to be hidden behind the glasses, but if not use or cared properly they can trigger infections and irritation. Caring for lenses is a bit tricky but if you know a few basic tips you can use them very comfortable.

The first contact lens care tip suggests you to wash your hands thoroughly with a water and soap before you touch your lenses. Also ensure patting your hands dry beforehand as in case deposit of soap is left on your hand and you lay it on the lens it’ll be dangerous for your eyes. It may cause irritation and blurred vision.

Contact lenses should be used according to the time period given by your doctor. Variety of throwaway contact lenses with specific expiry dates is available today and they should be disposed off after the set time is over otherwise they can harm your eyes.

For caring the eye lenses properly, it’s necessary to store them promptly after use as per the directions given by the manufacturer. Usually a solution is supplied along with the lenses is which they are stored. It in also important to clean the storage case often with water or sterile solution and let it dry. Avoid using any sort of eye care product without the prescription of your physician.

Don’t share your lenses with anyone and also avoid using lenses of any other person as it can carry infection. Contact lens usually makes your eyes extra sensitive towards sunlight; so, make it sure to wear sunglasses while heading out in the sun.