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Brow Makeovers For Perfect Eyes


Eye Shadows That Bring Out Your Eyes,College Girl Kim for Graduation Day-dayI love to look beautiful, but I love looking and admiring beautiful people even more, I really don’t like when I see someone with horrible lipstick or makeup, wrong placement of bronzer or badly applied shades or blush and the list goes on and on and on, but what I hate the most is to see a woman with absolutely perfect face and beautiful eye and horrible eye brows, I feel terrible and I feel ugly myself, and I seriously go to them and embraced myself when I tell them that the eyebrows are not according  to their face or they need to get a new touch or new shape, sometime people listen and sometime make faces;) and then I thought to talk about eye brows and today I am going to give you some simple tips to get comparatively better shape.Eye Shadows That Bring Out Your Eyes,College Girl Kim for Graduation Day

First of all you need to pay attention on the thinness and the growth of your eye brow and for that we all know that you have to use caste oil and you need to use petroleum jelly for 10 minutes during a day to get beautiful thick and moisturizer hair.3 Ways to Groom Your Eyebrows

If you are going to get your eye brows done for really very first time then ask your artist to just clean the look and let the original shape untouched, we know that every person has a different look but if you have thicker brows in the front and lighter ends then this is a great shape for you and I can bet that it will suit you too, you just need to make sure that you get slight arch it will look natural, but it will add a little shape in your brows without being overpowering and you need to stay with that look to see if it suits you and if it is making any positive difference in your look or not and then you can experiment with the look, now here are some tips for your brows.Get the Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

1-Always book a licensed Professional beautician and pay extra to book the same one every time unless you are not happy with the work.

2-We know that eyebrow hair can be stubborn and vigorous, but you need to understand that they can lose the growing powers and you will end up with badly shaped eye brows, so never ever over look the shape and try not to go for unhygienic tweeze or wax.

3-If you want to keep your look groomed and for that you are trying to get some tools to fix the look time to time, then always invest in some good tools.

4-Never ever try to make them identical, completely even with each other.

5-If you are not happy with the shad of your eye brows then don’t be afraid to put some color on them, but don’t be dramatic.

6-No matter how perfect your brows are, always add some pencil or powder and then move the color into the brows and blend well.

Best of luck.