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Bright Eyes With Dark Complexion


Also you can smoke your eyes with brown and light gray eye shadowToday I am going to give a very cute and bright look that anyone can try at home to get bright bold looks with dark complexion,  I personally feel that darker skin is one of the best skin tone and it is very easy to handle it and enhance the look, but at the same time it is very easy to sabotage the look too, but if you keep things sensible and simple, you can actually get perfect looks and still can look fascinating with your darker skin tone.Tips For Smoky Eyes

We will start with the base, as you can see that the beautiful face that we are working with today has a very dusky completion with perfectly delicate and meaningful features and I love the shape of her eyes so we are going to enhance the shape of her eyes today, we picked perfectly matching shade of foundation or concealer for all over her face, and then we used a slightly pearly pink shade for the skin around her eyes, we applying it all around the eyes and then on the chin too, but not too much, then we highlight her beautiful  features which are her beautiful jaw line, her eyes, her nose and cupid bow and the we finished the look with slightly golden brown face powder.Natural Organic Makeup

Now we will take gold brown shade for her cheeks and I added some plum shade in that too, but not too much which give a very cute healthy glow on her face, now we will start with eyes, as I told you that I am using light shade of foundation or concealer all around her eyes and then we will blend it well too, now we will groom her perfectly shaped and thick eye brows, her eye brows are perfectly fine so we are not adding anything in her brows.

We will start with sampan shad and apply all over the lid and then we will take dark brown shade and apply a V on the end of the eyes and then blend it inward with blending brush, now we will take dark brown shimmery eye pencil and draw a wing from center of the lid to end of the lid and blend it in the same direction well, as you can see that she has beautiful  hazel brown eyes so I picked perfectly dark brown mascara for her and finish the look with some highlights under her lower lash line and on the inner corner of her eyes.

The only thing she needs with that look is nude pink lips and her perfect smile.