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Bridal Dress For Vidiya Balan’s Wedding

Bridal Dress For Vidiya Balan's Wedding

Bridal Dress For Vidiya Balan's WeddingVidiya Balen has just confirmed the news of her wedding which is going to be happened in the month of December 18 despite the fact of that how this news will affect the ratio of her fans and the graph of her popularity. By the confirmation of that news it is also confirmed that Vidiya Balen is happy with that marriage and really waiting for the she is in the relation with Mr. Sidhart Ray Kapoor from a long time and in the start of this year they announced that they are going to marry each other but due to some issue they cannot proceed.

Bridal Dress For Vidiya Balan's Wedding

Well, as not it has been confirmed by the Bollywood star so now she has started to pay her most attention toward the day when the couple will tie the knots to each other not only her but her fans are also looking toward that particular date as they are waiting that what the glamorous girl will wear to make her wedding day the best day of her life.Bridal Dress For Vidiya Balan's Wedding

Vidiya Balen is also looking very keen toward her bridal dress and as all other celebrities she also wants to be looked like the most beautiful bride of the world and for that sake she has asked one of the top fashion designers and bridal couture designer of the Indian fashion industry, Sabya Sachi Mukherjee.Bridal Dress For Vidiya Balan's Wedding

Well Vidiya balan has already instructed her that she will design nothing for her but the best bridal dress as she knows that like other celebrities she would also be caught by the flashed and the lens of the camera she want to be looked perfect at every angle. Sabya Sachi Mukherjee will design the complete range of dresses for Vidiya Balen. Vidiya Balen has not announced yet that will she make the wedding open for the media or it would be a private party.