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Bollywood Film Brings Back Ghosts of Mumbai Attacks


Bollywood Film Brings Back Ghosts of Mumbai AttacksThe director of the new movie of Bollywood Mumbai attacks in 2008 is promising unflinching depiction of tragedy that some traumatized survivors fear it will be too painful to watch. The attacks of 26/11, which opens across India on Friday, recovering from the horrific attack on 10 heavily armed Islamist gunmen on 26 November 2008 – early 60-hour siege that left 166 people.

Director Ram Gopal Varma, veteran Bollywood notorious gangster and horror films, said he wanted to convey the “emotional aspect” of the deadly military attack in India since independence. Some expressed reluctance to drag memories of the siege and others questioned the ability to pull off such Varma film, given the growth plate movies.

But acting superstar Amitabh Bachchan, who looked rough cut of the project, wrote on Twitter, let it be choked with tears “and” extremely accurate “in his research.

A low budget film for the attacks was released in 2010, but was panned by critics and soon disappeared. opening seven minutes of the film Varma, which includes armed men hijack a fishing boat to reach the coast of Mumbai, was released on YouTube in November and has notched up more than one million views.

Budget project was initially reported 400 million rupees ($ 7.4 m), although Varma refused to confirm the final price. Varma has repeatedly denied allegations that he was already conducting recce for a possible movie and now he refuses to discuss the matter, saying it was “answer to this question a million times.”

He also raised eyebrows by putting the songs of the film in the popular Leopold Cafe in Mumbai South who came under attack by armed men. Varma said opening is provided in the spirit of the café owner who refused to be cowed and again just two days after the attacks. According to others, the choice of site director taste.