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Best Foods To Eat And Avoid For A Flat Belly


Best Foods for a Flatter StomachToday I am going to share some magical benefits of simple foods which will help you lose weight and get flatter belly in healthy way, one of my friends who just came back from Rome told me about these foods, she lived there for good 12 years and she said I lose good 40 Kgs with these foods and I am happy with my over all look too.

Swopping to green tea has been found to assist the body in flushing out excess fluids1-Green tea: – We all know that if one person is trying to lose weight then that one should consume good 5 cups of Green tea during the day to get powerful metabolism stimulator, drinking just 5-6 cups of plain green tea can accelerate the weight loss and it help you get younger looking skin too.

It has different versions based on the olives used and the extraction method and they are categorized as Extra virgin olive oil2-Olive oil: – People of Spain and Rome use the olive oil and diner role as appetizer, they eat it prior to every meal, you will see then eating diner rolls with olive oil everywhere and that is a very good way to eat healthy and maintain the natural moisturizer too which keep the digestive system prefect, normally it lowers “bad” LDL cholesterol and raises “good” HDL cholesterol, and that is the main way to lose weight with that.

Flavored water is very refreshing, and pairing up these ingredients that aid in digestion has lead to what I call flat belly water3-Lemon: – if you are serious about losing weight then replace all unhealthy beverages such as pop, alcohol and sweetened and unsweetened fruit drinks with plain water and a slice of lemon in it and you will see how it will make you lose weight faster and how it give  aglow to your face too.

Healthy Arab-Chicken stir fry recipe4-Chicken: – If you cannot leave meat at all and if you really have to eat meat then pick chicken since is a lean meat, it’s a good source of protein without too much fat too, so it will help you with your meat craving too without adding too much weight in your body.

5-Cinnamon: – According to a very famous and very authentic research, it is very good to reduce blood glucose, which may stave off diabetes and it is very good to treat and prevent bloating, and it is packed with antioxidants too.

6-     Low-fat yogurt: – Normally people say that if you want to lose weight, say Good by to all the dairy products, but  Yogurt is very high in calcium and B vitamins and it is actually very good to help you lose weight and be honest, it is the best and the yummiest way to lose weight.

Last but not least, water, drink one 4 glasses of chilled water and 4 glasses of worm water to get rid of fat deposits inside your body and underneath your skin.

Sleep well and stay healthy.