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Benefits of Using Lip-Liner


Lip painting is one of the major steps of day-to-day makeup. Many women also love contouring their pouts with lip liner first, but some others apply the lipstick or lip gloss directly. Though it is okay if don’t use lip-liner prior to using lipstick/lip-gloss, but if you come to know what it can do for you, you will be definitely fall in love with lip-liner. A few benefits of using lip-liner are as follows;

Keeps Color from Fading

Putting on lip-liner before working with your favorite lip paint not only keeps the color on for long and prevent it from bleeding, but it also doesn’t let the color wear off soon. And in case if the lipstick fades, the lip-liner will look akin to your lipstick and lip color will never fade. The only key for making this trick work for you is to use same color of lip-liner as your lipstick.

Keeps Lipstick on

One of the common issues with regard to lipstick is that it constantly comes off. Applying lip-liner before the application of lipstick can help you fix the problem well. Lip-liner helps the lipstick to stay on for long but it also keeps it from bleeding allover your mouth.

Defines Lip Shape plus Makes Them Look Fuller

Nothing else can define the shape of your lips much better than the lip liner. Besides defining their shape, lip-liner can make a huge difference in how your lovely pouts look. If you are blessed with fuller lips, lip-liner will stand them out even more, and if your lips are not full enough, it will beautifully create the illusion of fuller lips.

Enhances Your Lipstick

Last but not least, lip-liner tends to enhance the lipstick color you are wearing. Lip-liner works together with the lipstick to make your lips look refreshingly appealing!