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Beauty Tips for When You Wake Up Late

Beauty Tips for When You Wake Up Late
Beauty Tips for When You Wake Up Late
Beauty Tips for When You Wake Up Late
Beauty Tips for When You Wake Up Late

At times it happens that you oversleep and become late in getting up. Though oversleeping doesn’t bother the household ladies, it creates problems for the working ladies as they are left with just few minutes to get ready for moving outdoors. Knowing the perfect way of applying quick beauty fixes is important for working women, these quick fixes allow you to get ready for office or a meeting within a couple of minutes.

Quick Hair Fixes:

As a woman you should have some quick hair fixes in your mind so if any day you wake up late and time you have is not enough to wash and dry your hair you can fix them in no time. Dry shampoo is one such product for those who have hair with a little greasy texture. It is available in different forms such as spray and powder. Getting a spray product is wiser option because it is less messy and all what you have to do is to squirt a bit on the hair roots to absorb excess oil. Then after, style your hair as normal.

The Messy Look Advantage:

You can also take advantage of the messy look if you are getting late. For exploiting messy look you will be in need of hair accessories. Gather your hair and tie them in a sleek ponytail and secure it with a trendy clip. Or you can also choose go with a “messy” bun up do.

Fix Under Eye Puffiness and Eye Redness:

At times, because of lack of sleep or any other reason, your eyes get red and puffy. You can easily treat the reddened and puffy eyes using a quick remedy. Place two spoons in refrigerator and let them become cool. Before putting on makeup, place these chilly spoons under your eyes for a couple of minutes to eliminate the puffiness. Using eye drops may help reducing redness of your eyes.

Wakeup Skin:

If you feel that your skin is looking a bit tired and exhausted splash slightly cold water over your face. It will wake you and your skin up.

Fast Makeup Tricks:

Learn the fast makeup tips and tricks. For doing makeup in limited time you will have to skip few steps. First, put on a foundation with moisturizer formula, so, it will enable you to leave the moisturizing step. Then, apply a little blush, a touch of eyeshadow highlighter, black mascara and lip-gloss.

Fresh Breath “To Go”

Though, its takes just 2 minutes to brush your teeth properly but if you have excessively short time skip this step. To end up the morning breath you can use Wisp mini toothbrushes to cleanse your teeth while going to office.