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Natural Homemade Beauty Tips For Oily Skin Face In Summer

6 Must Know Beauty Tips for Oily SKIN IN SUMMER SEASON1

5 Simple Summer Face Packs For Oily SkinSummer is about come, it is that time of year when we see beautiful flowers and fresh green grass and lots of oil and greasy looking skins, and we face all those issues that come with oily skin, so we decided to give you some simple natural yet affective tips to deal with your oil skin during summer, and with these tips you can easily avoid getting weather-related side effects on your skin and you can handle super aggregated oil glands.

Beauty Tips For Oily Skin6 Must Know Beauty Tips for Oily SKIN IN SUMMER SEASON1

I would not say again and again that you need to start your skin care from inside out, you have to pay attention on your food, eat healthy and well balanced diet, and eat raw vegetables as much as you can, greens and other bright colored vegetables are good for you, eat lentils and beans, and nuts, although they do generate oil, but they are good for you and for your skin and they are very good for making you healthy from inside out, and with that drink lots of water, plain regular water and avoid all bad foods and drinks, they are not good for you and or for your skin, and it will actually sabotage your entire look, so stick with healthy diet and lifestyle.Natural Homemade Beauty Tips For Oily Skin Face

Now here are some natural ways to get rid of oily skin issue during summer.

Wash your face with hot water and if you have super oily skin then dissolve some salt in it and wash your face with that, it will not only dissolves oil more effectively than cool or lukewarm water and it will help you get smoother skin too and will remove dead cells an white and blackheads too, but never ever forget washing your face with chilled water after word.

Use homemade sandalwood and fuller’s earth pack on your face once a week or even two weeks, take one tablespoon of wood powder and add one tablespoon clay or fullers earth and mix it with rose and mix it well and then apply it all over your face and let it get dry completely and then wash it off with worm water, it will absorb all extra oil from your skin’s surface and will help you get soft, smooth, and supple skin too.

Take 2 teaspoons of dry oats powder and mix it with some witch hazel  and make a paste and now apply it all over your face and rub with your fingertips and massage this paste gently into your skin, and then rinse it away with warm water, but don’t use it too often, twice a week is fine.

Take liquid face wash that has alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), such as citric acid, lactic acid, or glycolic acid and put it in the refrigerate for 20 minutes and then wipe your face with that with a cotton buds and it will solve almost all of your skin issues, you can use it every night.

Take half tomato and make a smooth puree of it then add 7 drops of lemon juice in that and mix it well and then apply on your face for good 10 to 15 min or until it becomes dry then wash your face using cold water and you can use it twice a week.

Egg-white masks are great for your skin and lemon is perfect for oily skin, and you can combine these two for your skin, take one egg whites and add juice of one lemon in it and mix well and now apply it all over your face and leave it till it get dry and then wash it off with warm water.

Enjoy summer with beautiful skin and glowing complexion.