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Beauty Tips for Dry Skin


Skin dryness is very common skin problem with large number of people below and above 40 complaining about skin tautness and itches. Bring about by a number of factors, such as unfavorable weather conditions or presence of skin irritants, dry skin tends to be very annoying and uncomfortable.

Some people experience permanently dry skin that needs to be cured. Restoring the balance of oils and moisture in the body along with eliminating the redness and irritation are the key actions of skincare regimen for dry skin.

Proper pampering of the dry skin includes using the beauty and skincare products that don’t tend to aggravate your skin condition. Don’t use the products that contain drying ingredients such as soap or alcohol. Rather use the products that are devised specifically to even out dry and combination skins.

Also be conscious while installing air conditioners is your rooms as they can leave your environment excessively dry. If you are using AC then use a humidifier too.

Regular exfoliating treatment may also help your skin a lot. However, it is necessary to use a mild product that would not irritate your skin any further, to get desired outcome. Pay close attention to the naturally oilier areas, such as the T-zone, and follow it up with a hydrating face mask one time in a week. You can prepare your own face mask at home using avocado and honey. Apply the mask allover your face for almost five minutes and then removed it with warm water. Don’t treat your skin harshly while removing the mask.

Keep your skin well-moisturized to relieve its dryness. It is advisable to thoroughly moisturize your skin twice a day- once in morning, once in evening- and particularly when your skin feels taut and uncomfortable. However, be sure not using products that contain excess oil, as they can lead to pimple and acne eruption. Find out the products that are formulated for dry skin using natural ingredients such as lactic acid or glycerine.

Drink plenty of water to keep your body well-hydrated.

Take a balanced and healthy diet that can meet the individual requirements of your skin effectively.

Limit sun and UV exposure as they tend to rob essential moisture from your skin leaving it excessively dry.