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Beauty Benefits of Dead Sea Mud & Minerals

Beauty Benefits of Dead Sea Mud & Minerals
Beauty Benefits of Dead Sea Mud & Minerals
Beauty Benefits of Dead Sea Mud & Minerals
Beauty Benefits of Dead Sea Mud & Minerals

Where to Dead Sea Product Come From? The Dead Sea mud has been used for treating different health conditions including psoriasis, eczema, acne and arthritis from times immemorial. It is usually found 1200 feet below sea level; the climate this unique geographic location has is the specialty of its own.

The Dead Sea is covered by a particular atmospheric layer that protects the bathers from devastating rays and provides them with health-promoting warmth, beneficial minerals and comforting humidity. The moisture is about 35 percent and the oxygen content below sea level is extra-rich so far, which creates a perfect situation for the treatment of asthma. Since, it doesn’t contain pollens and other allergens so it is equally beneficial for the allergy sufferers, too.

What Make Dead Sea Salt and Mineral Great for Skin?

Dead Sea has almost 30% salt content which is approximately ten times higher than of usual seawater. Hence, the people who go to the area find that the high mineral content along with a regimen of extended submerging and floating brings them revitalization and help from suffering. Due to the high concentration of salts in the Dead Sea, the resilience of the human body is improved so that visitors can drift in the water easily.

The Dead Sea products contain strong densities of valuable minerals including 12 minerals that other sea-based products don’t contain. It is believed by the scientists that these minerals, along with incomparable atmosphere of the Dead Sea region, are actually responsible of restoring sufferers to health.

As the Dead Sea is located in Israel, not every one can travel to the original source to get benefit from its healing properties. Therefore, Dead Sea salt and mineral products are formulated so people all around the world can take advantage of Dead Sea minerals easily. Brands that prepare Dead Sea minerals products create healing creams, wraps, moisturizers and mud masks formulated to assist people get benefit from the minerals in their homes.

Skin Condition Remedies and Spa Treatments Using Dead Sea Products

Black Dead Sea mud is often used at spas as a therapeutic body wrap. This wonderful substance is also used to make facial masks that efficiently care the skin, clean the pores, and also as a natural anti-ageing therapy. Besides this, Dead Sea mud combined with baths using Dead Sea salts is miraculous treatment for psoriasis. Moreover, it also gives relief from arthritis pain in joints, probably due to the effect of the high mineral content. Submerging in a bath of Dead Sea salts helps alleviating muscle soreness as well.