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Beautiful Makeup Ideas For Fair Skin


Beauty Makeup Tips For Pale SkinToday we are going to talk about a have very cute look, normally we start with a shade or two darker foundation or concealer all over the face and neck and then we keep adding darker shades to minimize the fairness of our complexion, but that is not right all the time, once in a while we should accept our own skin and we should learn how to look beautiful  with our natural skin and that is the main reason we are going to try a look with fair complexion without adding any darker shade to look tanned :)so are you ready.Makeup tips for fair-skinned beauties

We will start with the moisturizer, we wash our face and apply some moisturizer and some serum since I am not using any thick layer of foundation or concealer so I am paying attention on the base so I am using moisturizer and then some light shaded primer and let the skin absorb the moisture, then will take foundation perfectly similar shade of your skin and apply it all over the skin and if you have any flaws then you can use concealer too, but don’t try to add shade on your skin and then finish the bas with lose powder, you can use transparent  lose powder, but don’t overdo it, just a moderate layer of powder all over the face.Best Makeup For Fair Skin Tones

Now we will apply mineral bronzer, but don’t use the darker shade, pick the shade that matches with your skin tone and use it to tone and contour your skin and then we will take peach shade and apply it over the cheeks, that is the best shade that you can apply over your cheeks with fair complexion, when you use mineral bronzer over it, it will give you slightly shiny touch, but you can actually apply some highlighter over the cheeks too and if you think that you don’t like to add any shine then you don’t really have to, we are just trying to get the bright and glamorous look, we are using copper gold highlighter with peach shade too.BEAT YOUR SKIN CHALLENGES AND GET THE GLOW

Now we will come to eyes, first of all apply some eye primer and let the skin absorb it and meanwhile we will groom the eye brows and I am using dark brown eye shade for that and then we will take right transparent highlighter as base all over the eye and blend well and then we will take some pure gold copper base and apply it over the lid just over the lash roots and then we will blend it well, but not over the crease, then we will take light shiny brownish shade with blending brush and then we will blend well it all over the lid from outer corner to inner corner and now we will take sharp brown shade and apply at the outer corner of the eye and we will blend it well and create the V  and then we will take golden transparent highlighter and apply it over the eye brow bone and then we will apply a bit on the inner corner of the eye and blend well with the finger, now we will take a black gel liner and draw a cat eye wing liner over the lid, make a thick wing over the lash line and finish the look with mascara, you can use nude shade over your water line to get bright look too if you like, but, you really don’t have to if you don’t like it.

Now you just need to add some refreshing red shade on your lips and you are ready to rock your bright snow-white complexion.

Best of luck.