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Beautiful Holiday Eye Makeup & Gorgeous Makeup Looks For Any Holiday Party


The look we are going to try today, is very sweet and very cute and if you have steady hand then you can make it within minutes, I am using bright burgundy and goldish shade for this makeup with lightly smoky effect although I am not blending too much or not using smudging too, you can see the shades I am using on the lid and you can differentiate them too, but, as usual, you can change the shades and variate color as you prefer, I have browsing eyes and I use bright shades with that and since I am not using too much on my cheeks or on my face so such a heavy look is fine for me, shell we start.Holiday Makeup Tips by Celebrity

I have applied a very smooth and very light coverage base and then we finished the base with lose powder, I am not using bronzer or any artificial tanning, for a change;) now we will apply primer all over the eyes to make our makeup last forever and look amazing too and it will keep the shads on the place too.Top 10 Holiday Makeup Touch-Up Tips

Next thing we will groom our eye brow and I am using light brow eye pencil for the eye brow and the Then we will lightly apply black eye pencil on the outer half of the lid, you can use eye shadow or you can eye pencil and rub it with your ring finger and add intensity in the color of the burgundy eye shadows which we will apply later, now smudge the pencil with the brush to get the smooth impact.Beautiful Holiday Eye Makeup

Now it is time to add burgundy eye shadow with pencil brush and put exactly on the smudged black shade and blend a bit, now we will start applying the shade on the inner side of the lid, now we will take the brightest wet golden pigments and apply it on the inner half of the lid and blend well, and then take orange shimmer shade and apply on the center part of the lid and now take some a clean brush and blend golden and orange shade with that, but don’t blend burgundy shade, and now take orange shade with fluffy brush and apply all over the lid and blend over the crease too, now take burgundy shad with thin brush and apply under the lower lash line and take slightly gold pigmentation and apply over the burgundy.Christmas eye makeup tutorials

Highlight your brow bone with peachy eye shadow and apply a bit under the lower lash line and on the inner corner of your eyes too, then create a beautiful line with liquid eye liner and then apply a thick line on water line and finish with mascara, am not using fake lashes, but you can if you want to.Your Guide To The Perfect Smokey Eye

Best of luck