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Beautiful Animal Halloween Look


Any Animal with EarsI am one of those who like to keep the costume hidden till the last minutes, no one actually know that I was going to try animal print cause I intentionally gave the impression that  I’m going to try mermaid this time, but that was what I actually planning for. I was a Cheetah. We will start with the dress; it was not actually a Cheetah, It was a simple animal print dress, it was the look that made everything disappear.Plus Size Halloween Costumes

You need to get perfect skin for that look and I tried air brushing for that day and when you apply air brush, you don’t have to apply concealer or anything else, it was perfectly one and then I started with the eyes, apply a very smooth  eye primer and then take a light maroon brown shade and apply it all over the lid and blend well, I am not using too much shades on eyes cause I am going to add too much eye liner in the look so, light brown shade is enough now take a gel liner and apply a thick liner start from the inner corner to outer corner and let it swing a bit longer from outside and then take the same liner and draw a cat eye look and pull it inside a bit longer and toward your nose now you need to draw a thick and darker line on your water line too and let it start from the inner corner and use a slight brown eye pencil to draw cat eye look near your nose, now take a light shiny greenish black gel liner and draw a line under your lower lash line apply and I used a light brown fake lashes with that and apply a thick coat of black mascara and used Desio Colored Contacts to get the cat eyes.Hooded Red Robe Deluxe Adult Womens Plus Size Costume

Before going to add some detailing on my nose and lips I did my leopard print first on my temple, you can sue ready to apply tattoos too that we use for nails, but if you don’t then just draw that C like circles with  light brown eye pencil and then filled it with bright golden gel liner.Batgirl Adult Womens Plus Size Costume

I did a cat nose and lip area over my nose tip and upper lips outline and I used a Gel Eyeliner in Black for that, and I used a small eyeliner brush for that, I wanted to use dark black or brown lips with that, but it was not making the impression I was looking for so I picked a mat red lipstick and peach read cheeks finished the look, BTW I did that small dots over my upper lip too to get the cat look.Dark Red Riding Hood Women's Plus Size Costume

I wanted to keep the look pretty mate so I did not use too much glitter or highlighter, but you can use if you like to look a shiny glamorize cat.