Basic Tips To Apply The Bronzer for Getting Best Possible Outcome

Basic Tips To Apply The Bronzer for Getting Best Possible Outcome
Basic Tips To Apply The Bronzer for Getting Best Possible Outcome

The harmful effects of ultraviolet rays over your skin compel you to reconsider your decision to tan out in the sun or at the tanning beds. However, these two are not the only ways of skin tanning; you can get sun kissed look with out harming your skin, thanks to variety of self tanning lotions and self tanning sprays that have made it possible for you to get the desired look even without visiting salons.

Here are few basic tips to apply the bronzer for getting best possible outcome.

Step 1: Choose Your Bronzer Product

The purpose of making use of bronzer is to slightly darken your natural complexion. Therefore, while picking off the bronzer, it is very necessary to pick appropriate shade. It should not be much darker than your natural complexion. Preferably, try to find a bronzer only about two shades darker than your natural skin tone. If you are blessed with very fair or light complexion, honey-colored bronzer is ideal for you. If you have medium skin, a rose or gold colored bronzer may be the best option. If your skin is dark, you should go for an amber or tawny bronzer product. For blondes, a pinker bronzer is perfect choice and brunettes should try an orangey bronzer.

Step 2: Prepare Your Skin And Pick Your Bronzer Brush

First prepare your skin for the bronzer application. Exfoliate it slightly before taking shower, after taking shower; moisturize it well with your standard moisturizer. Let the moisturizing lotion dry off fully before beginning. Next step is picking the brush. A wide, downy powder brush is ideal. Try to find a flexible one with rounded top and appropriate length. Brushes made of natural fibers like sable are the best.

Step 3: Apply Powder Foundation for a Sun Kissed Look

While creating base for bronzer application, it is wise to use a powder base rather than foundation. The reason being, any additional moisture can cause the bronzer to smudge or look filthy.

Step 4: Swirling the Bronzer Makeup And Applying

Drag your bronzer and slightly sweep the brush into it for getting a bit onto the brush. Then rub the bronzer containing brush on a tissue to throw away any extra color. Take a look at your face and consider the areas where you naturally tan first. Apply bronzer lightly to the top forehead area, area along the nose and down the top of the cheekbones. If you want, apply a little to chest, neck and chin as well.