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Basic Rules Of Healthy Skin


Thou shalt always use sunscreen. Of all the skin sins, going out unprotectedThe beautiful and healthy skin starts from inside out, and the best way to get beautiful skin naturally is eat beautiful, eat light and natural things, eat balanced diet and drink lots of water, and take good well rested sleep and it will not only give you a healthy and fresh look, but it will help you get younger looking glow too and with that there are few things that you should try to get and keep healthy skin naturally.Healthy young skin How much did you know about keeping your skin healthy

Cleanse Upward: – You have to adopt a very strong hobbit and that is wipe your face with wet worm sponge three times a day, you should take a facial sponge and soak it in hot water and then squeeze the excess water and wipe your face with that and always go from down you upward, not side words or down words, and when applying serums and lotions always massage it into the skin in an upward, circular motion and then tab your face with your fingers and it will not only keep your skin supple and healthy, but will increase the blood circulation too.

Less Makeup: -You should understand one things, makeup does look good on you, but it is not good for you and it will only block the oxygen for your skin till you wipe the base off and never ever apply makeup upward, instead use downward motion, so the makeup sits on top of the skin and won’t be lodged in the pores, but if you love your skin then you should reduce the use of makeup and clean it as soon as you get home and use smooth wet worm cotton towel to wipe off your base, it will help you skin to get fresh breath.

Exfoliation Is Necessary: – No matter what you do, never ever forget to clean dead cells from your skin every third day, it is very important to have beautiful  skin, it will not only help you get fresh layer of cells, but it will help you get fresher look and fairer skin tone and it will actually help you get better production of collagen too, and when you clean your skin it will clean the clog pores which cause blackheads and blemishes which means with Exfoliating you can actually cure all skin issues.

Use Moisturizer: – Never misunderstand the moisturizer with grease, every skin needs some sort of moisturizer even if you have supper oily skin, you need to clean the excessive oil from your face and then apply some aqua based moisturizer all over your face and clean it with worm sponge before applying the new layer of moisturizer on your face.

Best of luck.Tacky and oily skin not only bothers you and looks