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Ayurvedic Face Packs for Glowing Skin

Ayurvedic Face Packs for Glowing Skin

Ayurvedic Face Packs for Glowing SkinAyurveda is the most useful and successful means for achieving the positive and healthy impact on the looks and on the health and mostly they use natural things, herbs and natural ingredients to get result to treat illnesses and diseases and disorders, but today we are going o talk about some simple face packs to get better and glowing skin and treat all of skin issues including scars an blemished.

Ayurvedic Face Packs for Glowing SkinAyurvedic Full Body Massage with Steam

Today, we will show you some amazing ways to make a face pack for glowing skin at home with natural Ayurvedic ingredients.
Even the healthy and glowing skin in individual has the benefit of boostingMarigold Face Pack: – I had a maid who use to eat flowers all the time, she used to carry rose, marigold and Aloe Vera leave with her and use to eat it all the time cause she believed that they make one look beautiful from inside out and I always loved that feel and today we are going to talk about the simple mask for our skin and we are using the marigold in it, Marigold flowers are easily available and they are actually loaded with the millions of benefits, you just need to take some flower and make a fresh flowery paste with some raw milk and honey and blend it well and then apply this on your face as a paste and leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water and tab dry, you can use it every day or you can use it every other day it is up to you, but the results are magical.

Turmeric and Gram flour Pack is something that many of us has been using for ages and I can assure you that it is the best face pace and face wash possible to get beautiful healthy skin and if you are getting tired of oily skin then use it with a tablespoon of lemon juice in it and you will be shocked to see the results.

You just need to take one tablespoon gram flour and add one pinch turmeric in it and then mix it with rose water or milk and apply it over your face till it get dry completely and then scrub it off and wash your face with worm water and splash some chilled water all over your face, you can use it every day as your face wash or you can use it to get bright and glowing complexion.

Sandalwood face maskSandalwood Mask:– Nothing work better than sandalwood powder for bright and healthy skin instead of grabbing a sandalwood stick and rubbing it on the stone, you should pick smooth powder and then make a paste of it with rose water or milk and apply it over your face and your neck, it does itchy a bit, but the cutest thing about that mask is, you get itchiness on first few seconds and then you actually feel smoothness and chillness and you enjoy the aroma too;) well! Keep it on your face for like 15-20 minutes and then wash it off with worm water to get perfect looking glowing skin.

Ayurvedic Scrub:- Make the worlds famous face scrub with one tablespoon fine rice flour and sandalwood powder and mix it with conch shell powder and half a tablespoon of milk powder well, now add some gram flour and rose water and make smooth paste and apply it all over your face and then scrub it off with worm water.

Best of luck.