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Ayurvedic Cure for Thyroid Disease

Ayurvedic Cure for Thyroid Disease

Charaka, one of the writers of the Ayurvedic materia medica, who use to talk about, Thyroid disease in great length and he said that it is not as big deal as we make it, we just need to give our body sometime and it will find the solution itself and we will be just fine.

HE mentioned in his book that milk, barley, green grams, Bengal grams, sugarcane juice, cucumber and milk products are really very good for thyroid health whereas other things which has some Sour flavored in it aggravate thyroid conditions like hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism and when we use steel or silver for cooking these things they get the wrong aliments from these metals, but if you use simple human hand made pans then you l get some extra benefits too.

He added that you need to be active you need to be more enthusiastic and pleasant then you was before to get healthy lifestyle of your thyroid will pull you in depression….now we are adding some Ayurvedic cure for specific thyroid problems and we are going to use typical herbs so if you want to use them you need to find a Indian or Ayurvedic shop to buy these things.

Ayurvedic Cure for Thyroid Disease

You would need potent herb, Kaanchanara ( Bauhinia veriegata ) Guggulu ( Commiphora mukul ) which is going to be used to deal with weight gain, then you would need jatamansi, shilajita ( purified asphaltum ), gokshura and punarnava…. you need to make a mixture of these things and if you are buying form someone reliable then you can ask him to make this mixture for you and you just have to take on tea spoon three times a day of it with worm water or with green tea and in both conditions don’t use any kind of sugar or any other flavor, it is very salty and hard to swallow but you will get better really soon with that.

Thyroid Disease Symptoms

Yoga is something that you have to do to complete the treatment, you can buy CDs for that or you can try to join some Indian gym for yoga and if you can’t find anything then you can try to find something online and it will help your joint pain and some heaviness around your neck too.

Get on Vegetarian diet for three to four month and you are not allow to eat any kind of animal food, not at all, but if you really have to eat some meat then you can try some fishes, sea food is good for you, if you think that you cannot skip tea or coffee then try some soy milk for that or you can try to use coconut milk and see if you like it or if you need something hot to replace your requirements then try some green tea
Best of luck.