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Ayesha-Somaya 2012 Latest Cocktail Gowns for Ladies


Ayesha-Somaya the duo of talented designers, a cocktail dress has released its collection a few days ago. Collections are a photo shoot. The new 2012 Ayesha-Somaya cocktail dress collection will be well suited if you are looking for evening wear. In short, the collection can be called smart.

Dresses in the latest collection of Ayesha-Somaya 2012 was a well-stitched and style, as well as western dresses cocktail And the ornaments and cuts quite modern. You can wear any dress in the latest Ayesha-Somaya 2012 collection of formal dinners and other official events. You will look very elegant in a dress if you wear it with the appropriate accessories.

Ayesha-Somaya came a few years ago. This designer brand is owned by two talented designer is Ayesha Sohail and Somaya Adnan. Different types of dresses are available Ayesha-Somaya including casual wear, formal wear, dresses, evening dresses and bridal wear. They provide a range of clothing designer duo shows versatility. The brand has its own studio in Karachi.

Ayesha-Somaya 2012 cocktail dresses can be seen below.