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Australian Miners Fired For Dancing The Harlem Shake Underground


Australian Miners Fired For Dancing The Harlem Shake UndergroundUp to 15 miners in Australia were dismissed after the video network of eight men performing the dance craze deep underground, according to Australian newspaper The West.

Aussie mining company Barminco workers fired after video is uploaded to YouTube. Dancing miners to wear helmets, and five were shirtless. Fired worker told the newspaper that the shirts were removed to ensure Barminco name does not appear in the video.

The video shows a group of miners, some armed with tools and shirtless performing Harlem Shake, which usually starts with one solo dancer who quickly joined by other, often in costumes or props.

The report came after the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States said it was in mid-air, the path of convulsive dance performance by students of the flight packed for security reasons.

A spokesman Sven Lunsche told Reuters, “Underground mining has strict safety standards as there are accidents and fatalities. The Barminco management saw this as a breach of standards.”

Thousands of videos of people performing Harlem Shake, that have been uploaded in the last few weeks have gone viral, including those of NBA superstar LeBron James, Josh Duhamel and John Stewart, to name a few.

It said, some workers say they have taken their shirts so that the name of the mining company will not be displayed. Other miners sacked not participate, but viewed from the side.