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Aromatherapy Skin Care


No one likes a damaged, dull and unhealthy skin; all of us want a healthy, soft, smooth and glowing skin. One of the efficient way to get desired skin tone, type and complexion is Aromatherapy skin care.

Our skin is just like a sponge and whenever it comes in contact with anything, either good or bad, it attracts and traps the traces of it. All the skin experts and qualified dermatologists advice the people to stay away from the skincare products having poisonous chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

Our skin reacts towards multiple conditions

  • Emotions – mental stress can trigger skin dryness and dehydration.
  • Hormonal changes – hormonal changes or hormonal imbalance results in acne or pimple outbreaks or can turn your skin oily.
  • Climate – Excessive heat during the summer season can produce inflammation or chilly winters can bring about dry, itchy skin
  • Environmental – Sagging, wrinkle formation, skin discoloration and premature aging are the results of environmental stressors and unhealthy lifestyle.

Your skin deserves and demands extra care and attention. A healthy body system is reflected by a healthy skin. Our body system is due to purify itself by getting rid of the toxins produced in it. At times, because of a number of factors lead to the production of more toxin than the toxins our body can get rid of. These toxins, when not removed properly, are stored in our skin cells and tissues and start assisting in premature aging and development of other skin conditions by plundering all the nutrition that are necessary for your skin to stay supple and healthy.

Aromatherapy skin care, with untainted essential oils, acts as an anti-aging agent for the skin in more than a few ways. The uncontaminated essential oils speed up the production of new skin cells thereby lessens the time between purging of old dead cells and growth of new ones. In this way your skin vibrant, stronger and stays young for long.

Moreover, essential oils also offer prevention from the overcrowding of toxic remains. They do this by perking up the general state of the lymph gland which in turn promotes blood circulation, assisting oxygenation and revitalizing the skin.