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Arabic Bridal Makeup Tips 2013 for Wedding Day


Arabic Bridal Makeup Tips 2013 for Wedding DayWhen we talk about Arabian bridal make-up, then it means perfect base and flawless blending and for the right shade and right tone of base and foundation and the next thing that they pay all of their attention is the eye makeup, but the fantastic thing about these woman is they pay attention on eyes and base a lot, but that does not mean that they neglect the lips, you would mesmerized to see how perfect make up the do and that is what make me to talk about that today.Arabic Bridal Makeup Tips 2013 for Wedding Day1

Normally they apply natural make up plus beautiful eye makeup and they mostly use the technique of smoky eyes and they use lots of black and bright make up and then they blend it well as they are famous for and they make sure that they use contorting to enhance the shaping as well as featuring which is very important.Arabic Bridal Makeup Tips 2013 for Wedding Day3

Now if you are looking for the base ideas then I just can say that nothing is better than liquate foundation and you need to use one that has perfect coverage and transparent reflection and you have to pick the light weighted and the most transparent, but shiny face powder and use and lighter lose powder and that will not only keep your spineless and fresh, but it will keep your make up at its place for longer time of period.Arabic Bridal Makeup Tips 2013 for Wedding Day2

Then we come to eye makeup and you can use either smoky eyes look of you can go with trendy eye makeup and for that you can use gray, black and shimmery shade too and you can pick any one shade of your dress and blend them well, you need to understand that you can use as many shade as you want, you just need to blend them well and you need to make sure no one can tell how many shade did you use and where is the end and where is the end of that line ad for that you just need to use blend it well.

If you are using smoky eyes then you can use black liner and mascara, but if you are using trendy eyes then try to apply light gray and brown shade and that will give you a finish look with a fascination attraction and it look real and natural too.