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Applying Eyeshadow to Deep Set Eyes

Applying Eyeshadow to Deep Set Eyes
Applying Eyeshadow to Deep Set Eyes
Applying Eyeshadow to Deep Set Eyes
Applying Eyeshadow to Deep Set Eyes

Everyone is not blessed with perfect eyes naturally. However, it is not difficult to enhance your eyes today, thanks to the wide range of enhancing eyeshadow available in the market.

Eyeshadow jazzes up your eyes. In fact, makeup seems incomplete without the eyeshadow application. Applying eyeshadow to deep set eyes has been a daunting job for women. But the task will turn easier if you follow our eyeshadow application tips.

Application of Eyeshadow

To Deep Set Eyes

  • When it comes to apply eyeshadow to the deep set eye, selection of right eyeshadow color is the first step. As you have hooded eyes, you’ll have to slightly downplay your eyes. So, settle on a neutral brown or any light colored eyeshadow of your choice. But any color you go for should complement your complexion.
  • Starting with the application of a bit light shimmer, apply the selected beige eyeshadow on the bottom eyelid. Drag out the line a bit upward. Don’t forget to shake-off excess color the applicator might hold, before starting with the shadow application.
  • Apply a bit shadow on the eyes corner as well using an eyeshadow sponge.
  • Finish the look with the application of a light or medium shade on the eyebrows. As you have prominent brows you will have to give it a neutral look.

Hooded Deep Set Eyes

  • The same steps are valid for hooded eyes as well. The bone structure of hooded as well as deep set eyes is virtually the same. But the shades used to enhance the hooded eyes are darker than those used for the deep set eyes.
  • First prime your lids for eyeshadow application using a concealer or eyeshadow of the tone close to your natural skin tone.
  • Apply a medium shade starting from the outer corner work your way upto the inner corner of your eyes.
  • Delineate your eyes with a darker toned eyeshadow and work the way to the outer corner.
  • Then after, apply a deeper shade of the eyeshadow to the upper eyelid and drag it out to the brow-bone.
  • Now blend the deep shade with a light shade and apply it to the lower lid.
  • Finish the look with the application of mascara.