Apply Make Up Concealer and Mineral Concealer

Apply Make Up Concealer and Mineral Concealer
Apply Make Up Concealer and Mineral Concealer

Makeup concealer serves to create the illusion of pristine skin by disguising skin flaws such as dark bits, under-eye circles, blemishes or age spots etc.Mahya Mineral Makeup Mineral Concealer

Settling on the right product is very important. For the face, you should go for a concealer that’s one shade lighter than your foundation and for the eyes choose the one that can adequately lift the darkness. At times it does mean that the concealer you go for will be warmer than your original skin tone. However, when putted on the areas that call for correction it’ll those all look even.Meet your perfect match with our guide to making mineral foundatio

Makeup concealer should always be applied after the application of foundation; this way it will not wear off while working with foundation. Use a brush to work with concealer.

For applying the concealer over blemishes employ a fine-tipped makeup brush or special coverage concealer brush and make use of a larger brush for applying concealer in the under-eye area.Me wearing only the mineral foundation

Collect a little concealer over your brush by slightly dousing it in the concealer and apply it to blemishes in stumpy, circular motions. This will help blending the makeup into your foundation. As blending is the key with foundation application. Using your makeup brush, blend the concealer into your skin until all the blemishes are fully disguised.

If you’ve age spots, pick a makeup concealer that effaces the color of the spot. It means that you will use a warmer tone and then yellow concealer over it to restore it to match your complexion. If the bits or circles are reddish, purplish or pinkish, you should use a yellow or green concealer then. Apply the concealer to the interior bridge of your nose and outside corners of your eyes and blend it well into the area. Get professional help if you’re quite unsure about choosing the right concealer to meet your requirements.

Mineral Concealer

The mineral concealers are great option for hiding dark circles and other skin flaws such as red bits, blemishes, scars and broken capillaries.

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