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Amna AqeelPakistani Fashion world has progressed a lot in very short span of time right in 2000 it was not considered as the world class fashion industry but after just decade Pakistani Fashion industry has acclaimed one of the best fashion industry on the international fashion market.

Well, all the appreciation for that progress must go to fashion designers who have really worked hard tried a lot to make Pakistan introduced in the international market with all its charm and honor this is the reason the world is known enough with the tradition and culture of Pakistan. Well, Here i am going to narrate about a fashion designers that is Aamna Aqeel.

Aamna Aqeel is one of the fashion designers whose worked and efforts can never be forgotten by anyone she is one of those fashion designers who just not worked in the Pakistani fashion industry but also for the promotion of Pakistani Fashion department. Aamna Aqeel joined the fashion world in the the first decade of the 21st century.

That was the time when the fashion industry was rising toward progression and she stepped in as the fashion designers and launched her first collection under her own label that was Aamna Aqeel. Right from her first creation she got a lot of appreciation from the people and become famous in the fashion industry and after that time she started to get progressed in the fashion world.

Aamna Aqeel has created a lot of fashion stuff for the youngsters. As she have got a brilliant sense of fashion she made her specialty in collaborating western and eastern traditional in one which drive her to the top of the fame still she is launching a lot of fashion collection and fashion stuff for the fashion lovers and getting a lot of appreciation.

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Photos: Aamna Aqeel Spring Collection 2012 @Labels