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Amanda Bynes Threatens Lawsuit Over Tanning Salon Story


Amanda Bynes Threatens Lawsuit Over Tanning Salon Story26-year old Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes has just denied all the incident and thinking to sue on Touch Magazine for making up lies about her.

She has got dragged herself in the gossips once again but now the matter is entirely different but still unethical as it is reported that Amanda Bynes was found doing a stalked around a tanning saloon and she was all without clothes on in the New York.

It is reported by some on looker that she was with out and cloth was looking very slim and she was just wearing the goggles on that may be to put an eye on the people all around secretly.

She was in the discussion of the media for various topics but now she has been engaged in the very awful matter which she have denied in hard words and said that she will not let it go normally as this is not tolerate able.

While on the other side some of the onlooker has told the media that, “(She) didn’t seem to care that everyone saw her naked,” he added that she was “painfully thin” and “seemed totally out of it.”

Well, an employee on the saloon said that Amanda Bynes frequently but she has never shown her harsh side to us. While on the other side Amanda Bynes has said during an interview that, she is not happy with that fake story she is going to sue on Touch magazine for their scandalous issue, she said that, “I’m suing In Touch for printing a fake story.”