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Allergic Reactions to Jewelry

Allergic Reactions to Jewelry

Allergic Reactions to JewelryIn this article, you will learn about allergic reactions of jewelry, many people have problems with a skin rash, redness, swelling, itching or burning in areas where they are wearing jewelry, they may have suffered to allergic reactions to jewelry.

Causes of allergic reaction to jewelry

Nickel is a silver-white metal that is often mixed with other metals to create an alloy. It is commonly used in costume jewelry but around 15% of the population is likely to suffer from a nickel allergy. More women tend to suffer from nickel allergies than men.

Nickel allergy can seem at any stage of life, one can react unexpectedly and harmfully due to frequently use of nickel alloyed jewelry; it is likely to become a life-long irritation once it has developed.

Yellow gold will not cause an allergic reaction because the yellow gold copper is usually as an alloy. However, white gold may cause an allergic reaction. White gold alloys contain nickel and other “white” metals to produce its silver coloring. Almost 10% people will react to the nickel in white gold.

How to avoid allergic reactions to jewelry

After experiencing first allergic reaction to jewelry, you will have become sensitized to the nickel and will react to it in 24-48 hours forever after. In the case of fierce reaction, you should consult to the dermatologist. Few doctors suggest cortisone cream to lighten skin related allergy symptoms. But once you’ve resolute that it’s the allergic reaction to jewelry, stop wearing the offending jewelry instead to get prescription creams.