Allergic Jewelry Allergy – Causing Jewelry Allergies is Nicke

Allergic Jewelry Allergy - Causing Jewelry Allergies is Nicke
Allergic Jewelry Allergy - Causing Jewelry Allergies is Nicke

You may get amazed to discover that the main culprit in causing jewelry allergies is Nickel!

Allergic reactions against Nickel are very common and of 100, 6 people are allergic to this metal. Silver, gold, platinum and other inexpensive metals, that are used in costume jewelry also contain little amount of Nickel. It is being noticed that the skin becomes susceptible to jewelry allergies after any trauma i.e. ear piercing.

The reaction first develops in the earlobe and as a result the whole body becomes prone to allergies. The problem can be prevented if stainless steel needles are used for ear piercing and earrings having stainless steel posts are worn when the earlobe heals.

The allergic reactions to the nickel and other metals increase in the hot summer season as the perspiration often triggers the condition. Nickel dissolves very easily, in the hot-months the metals corrode due to perspiration and discharge the nickel, the released nickel comes in contact with the skin often thus activates the allergic reactions.

The pure silver and gold are very soft metals and it’s quite difficult to mount them into any form therefore nickel, copper and zinc are usually mixed in the pure sliver and gold metals to make them hard enough to mold into any shape. Copper and zinc are not much harmful for the skin but nickel causes allergic reaction.

Though gold and other metals develop allergies very rarely; however, the allergies caused by the gold last longer than nickel allergy.

Platinum and white gold jewelries as well contain little amounts of nickel that are mixed in them to make them a bit hard. However, the skins use to be less allergic to both these metals as these are also toughened by palladium that doesn’t develop allergies. Palladium is pricier than nickel. Nickel is normally used for silver and gold jewelries as it is cheap, renders better toughness and has strong gleaming effect.