Adele Said I Won’t Lose Weight Unless It Affects Health and Sex Life

Adele Said I Won’t Lose Weight Unless It Affects Health and Sex LifeCelebrity’s prior problem is their personality’s maintenance they can never compromise with their personality. as they are ideal for so many of the person so they could never come with a flaw but as we know that nobody is perfect so how can the singing star of the Hollywood Adele is. Adele has been dragged by the critics and many of her fans under the discussion on their overweight body as she has gain a lot of fat stuff over her womanly curve that has made her quite imperfect as compare to other.

This discussion by the Critics has made the 24-years old much upset as she has decided to lose her weight till its best. Adele has said that, “I Won’t Lose Weight Unless It Affects Health and Sex Life”. She has also admitted that her overweight body has affected her personality in bad manners so now she wants to come back in the slim and smart curves. She said that, “I read a comment about me on YouTube that I thought would upset me — ‘Test pilot for pies’ — but I’ve always been a size 14-16 and been fine with it.” She added, “I would only lose weight if it affected my health or sex life, which it doesn’t.”

During her short interview she revealed about her past she said that she was addicted to smoke the Marlboro Lights and also like to drink frequently which has affected her health a lot, She also told about her ex-boyfriend who become the inspiration of her for many of her songs.

she continued to talk by saying that, “It was the biggest deal in my entire life to date. He made me totally hungry. He was older, he was successful in his own right, whereas my boyfriends before were my age and not really doing much. He got me interested in film and literature and food and wine and traveling and politics and history and those were things I was never, ever interested in.” She also reveals that, “I was interested in going clubbing and getting drunk.”

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