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A Cute Makeup Idea Perfect For a Holiday Party


Cute Holiday MakeupNormally there are couples of ways to look cute and classy during r holidays, either you pay attention on blending and pay attention of technique and it will take some time, but you will look good, and beautiful , and then another ways is, which is my all time favorite way, pick the right and productive cosmetic, helping products and apply tactfully to look beautiful  and today I am going to sue my all time favorite trick to get beautiful  looks, I am using bright shads with sparkling glittery texture and it will safe all my time of blending and adding shine and will give me a perfect look too, which is the ideal way to look beautiful  during the holidays.Makeup Palette for Holiday 2013

We will start with couple of shade darker foundation or concealer and blend it perfectly and then we will take some darker lose powder and apply it all over the face and then we will start with eyes, if you start with eyes, it will actually help you get better looks with highlighters and contouring, so shell we start with eyes?Makeup For The Holidays

Apply a liquid primer all over the lid and let the skin absorb it perfectly, now meanwhile we will take purplish maroon eye shadow and groom the eye brows and then we will apply a bright transparent highlighter all over the lid, and blend well, then we will take some bright sharp pinkish shade that has some velvety texture, but with lots of glitter and apply over the lid and then we will blend it well all over movable lid and then we will take same shade without glitter with fluffy brush and will apply it all over the lid and then keep blending it all over the lid, then we will take burgundy & pink shade and apply under the lower lash line and then we will apply black gel liner over the lash and golden eye pencil over the water line, now finish the look with mascara and some extra glitter over the lid.

I will use very light pink shade on cheeks and lips with that eyes cause eyes has become very heavy so I am keeping cheeks and lips light, with curly hair and statement accessories, you are ready to rock.