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9 Common Dry Skin Causes


9 Common Dry Skin Causes1. Allergic Reactions to Beauty and Household Products

The process of aging and occurrence of different changes within your body at times turn you sensitive or allergic towards many things exist in your current environment. Skin allergies, also referred as eczema, are usually caused because of experimenting with new cosmetics, soaps, laundry detergents, etc.

Inspect your skin regularly when you start using a new product and if you feel skin redness, flaks and irritation pay due attention to it as it may an allergic reaction to that product. It is advised to stay away from the products made from abrasive chemicals, instead go for those that contain organic ingredients as these are comparatively much more helpful for the dry skin than the chemical based ones.

2. Climate Changes

With the seasonal or climatic change the requirements of your skin change and you have to amend your basic skincare routine accordingly. For instance, if you live or have just moved to an extremely dry area, your skin will be in need of most moisture to maintain its freshness, suppleness and health. Similarly, changing seasons demand alteration in the way you pamper your skin. For instance, the temperature is colder in chilly winter season, the humidity in the air happens to be very low and cold winds blow that rob natural moisture from your skin. In dryer weather and climate, apply a thicker, more moisturizing facial lotion to work against the drying affects of the surroundings.

3. Overly Harsh Cleansing and Anti-Aging Products

Using wrong cleanser is another cause of excessively dry skin texture. If your skin feels extra taut and dry just after cleansing, possibly the cleanser is the culprit behind. To prevent such condition, find a cleanser with milky appearance and moisturizing properties. Many anti-aging products too bring about skin dryness. If your anti-aging products overly dry your skin, upgrade your facial moisturizer and avoid using the anti-aging product so often.

4. Aging Skin Needs Requires Different Beauty Products

Our skin loses some of its natural moisture as we grow aged. Use a facial cream thick in consistency and having more moisturizing properties to replenish the lost moisture to the skin.

5. Improper Daily Cleansing

Don’t use harsh cleanser for regular cleansing since these tend to take away the natural oils from the face, leaving it extra dry. Be sure to dab a quality moisturizer each time after washing your face.

6. Not Keeping Well Hydrated

Only consuming plenty of water sometimes is not enough to cure dry facial skin. However, constantly not drinking enough water may result in dry skin. Another almost identical cause of poor, dry skin is dehydration. Intake ample amount of water and reduce caffeine intake to help your dry facial skin.

7. Sensitive Skin Needs Special Attention

If your skin happens to be sensitive, pay special attention to it. Products with natural ingredients are ideal for sensitive skin.

8. Poor Health Habits

Bring healthy changes in your lifestyle as it affects your skin condition a lot. Give up smoking and alcohol intake, eat healthy and balanced diet and take enough sleep to keep your skin healthy, fresh and youthful for long.

9. Underlying Medical Condition

If any treatment isn’t bringing improvement in your skin condition, visit a doctor or dermatologist; discuss your condition with them and use the prescribed treatment to get relief.